About us


As important is our advanced equipment and techniques; our highly trained employees also make the difference. Through their personal commitment, resourcefulness and responsibility they give Werkcon bv, as a developer and supplier of metal profiles, added value. Where other suppliers often stay on the known and well beaten roads, the employees of Werkcon bv hit the new roads, to search for customer-oriented solutions.

Vision and policy

Werkcon BV has set itself the target to be one of the leading suppliers in the field of metal profiles, for both indoors and outdoors. We are achieving this by offering our customers (innovative) products with absolutely reliable quality, with the best possible service available.

The policy of Werkcon BV is to build long-term relationships with its customers based on trust, quality, flexibility, service and the belief that building with steel is the future.

Our market

From our production site in The Netherlands, where different profiles for numerous applications on modern machines are built, our products find their way to customers in the Benelux, Germany, France, England and South America.

Research and development

Advantage through technology. Because we are designing, developing and building our machines ourselves our capabilities are virtually unlimited. Werkcon is therefore paramount in developing and producing products according to customer specifications


Time is money! Besides high quality products and very short production times, Werkcon bv offers a perfect logistics system, a team of dedicated employees and partner companies who do as they promise.