Plank profiles

The Werkcon Plank profiles are composed on the basis of continuous zinc-plated steel (also known as sendzimer steel) with a thickness of 0.88 mm, in which the visible side is provided with a colour coating of 25 μm or 35 μm, which is applied by a coil-coating process. The rear is fitted with a primer layer.

Werkcon Plank profiles

A façade determines, often unnoticed, to a large extent the atmosphere and look of a building. Through the use of colour this may be by a timeless or modern look. In any case, a façade should fit perfectly in the environment and be in line with its function.
With the Werkcon Plank profiles, created in one of our many possible colours, you can create a flat facade with clean lines. The Plank profiles include a hair bundle (concealed fixing) or just with a broad seam (visible fixing) to accentuate the façade.
Combined with the ability to assemble our Plank profiles horizontally, vertically or diagonally, the architect or designer has a free rein for his or her ideas. The Werkcon Plank profiles are an excellent solution for new construction and renovation, but also afterwards a sustainable quality solution.

Benefits / Applications

  • Flat and tight
  • High quality appearance
  • Various widths
  • Horizontal, vertical or diagonal mounting
  • Excellent for renovation of existing siding
  • More than 1000 colours (ask for the conditions!)
  • Lengths longer than 12 m possible
  • Custom Available
  • Non-flammable
  • Acoustic insulation
  • High corrosion resistance
  • Sustainability linked to the environmental
  • Up to 10 year guarantee (subject to conditions)
  • 100% recyclable
  • Maintenance-free solution for revation facades and  new constructions

Overview of collections

Flashings & flat sheet

A perfect finish with flashings is the finishing touch on your work. We have our own factory which has access to the same stock of materials we use for our other products. Flashings are available at Werkcon up to a maximum length of 4 mtr. On request we can also supply butt joints to create a straight visual effect.
The only limitation is the width of the basic material and the technical capabilities of our machines. All our flashings and flat sheets are standard with a protective foil. Below are some examples of flashings, which we can produce.


A façade determines an important part the atmosphere and quality of a building. Example with a timeless look or with expressive, vivid colours. Werkcon offers architects, designers and processors the ability to create façades with Werkcon façade profiles that consist of a perfect quality in combinations of colours and shapes.
With our colour collection we try to link with the new international colour trends for the coming years. Colours that reflect natural, earthy materials, bright colours, but also colours that radiate an atmosphere of quality and durability. In short we expect that our colour collection will be a great source of inspiration to create façades. Is the colour that you want not listed? No problem, Werkcon gives the opportunity to realise special colours on request.


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